Indiana Murder Penalties

Murder is the highest level offense charged in Indiana.  Murder is generally viewed as being more severe than all other felonies and misdemeanors.  Accordingly, the potential penalties associated with Indiana Murder charges are greater than those associated with all other felonies and misdemeanors.  Being convicted of Murder in Indiana carries significant collateral consequences and will have a major negative impact on your future employment, housing, rights, freedom, and livelihood.  Northwest Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer Joseph M. Roberts understands the impact a murder conviction will have on your future and makes avoiding a murder conviction a top priority.  Attorney Roberts will strive to obtain a reduction or even outright dismissal of the Murder charge(s) against you.  If you are charged with Murder in Indiana, contact our office now to discuss your best defense against the charge(s).  

Potential Imprisonment for Indiana Murder

All Indiana Murder charges subject the accused to a term of imprisonment of 45 to 65 years.  These sentences would be served in an Indiana Department of Correction prison facility.  For Murder, the Court may only suspend the portion of the sentence in excess of 45 years.  

Indiana law allows provides the authority for one convicted of Murder to be sentenced to life in prison without parole or to death.  Indiana currently has the death penalty available to those convicted of murder, however, the death penalty is typically resolved for the most heinous of murders, such as those involving children or police officers.

Potential Fine for Indiana Murder

All Indiana Murder charges subject the accused to a fine of up to $10,000.00.  Although Indiana law provides Courts with the authority to impose substantial fines, it also gives the Courts a great amount of discretion when imposing fines.  This discretion provides Attorney Roberts with an opportunity to minimize the consequences of your situation.  The difference between being hit with a large fine and being assessed a fine which is suspended in full or significantly minimized can significantly decrease the impact of the fees associated with the zealous representation of Attorney Roberts.

What to do if you are charged with Murder in Indiana

If you are charged with Murder in Indiana, do not hesitate to contact Northwest Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer Joseph M. Roberts.  Attorney Roberts has dedicated his career to protecting the rights and preserving the freedoms of the accused.  Contact us now to receive your FREE case evaluation and consultation.  During your initial consultation, you will meet directly with Attorney Roberts to discuss your Indiana Murder charge(s), the elements of the offense(s), potential penalties, collateral consequences, the criminal justice procedure, your prior criminal history, and the fees associated with representing you in your defense against the Indiana Murder charge(s) you are facing.

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